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The Manifesting Princess Book Series


A Women’s Empowerment book series that I began writing in 2011 and continues 8 books later. Available on Amazon and Kindle! Inspirational, motivational, inspiring and empowering Women to raise your self-esteem and help you life the life of your DREAMS!

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My Newest Book - October 2018!


My NEWEST book available October 18, 2018 on Amazon & Kindle. Deciding to be Happy in spite of all the trouble in your life is one of the healthiest ways to live a deliberately inspired life of JOY and Peace! Learn more inside…

“You know I have always been a fan of your writing. You give women inspiration to improve their lives and their sense of self worth”...
— Janet, Oregon
Just when you think it can’t get any better, it does! April Beam writes from, through, and to the heart. Thank you, April, for putting yourself into this wonderful work so fully and honestly!
If you’re lucky enough to get this book, read, pay attention, and take action as your feel guided to move your own life forward! You will be better for it!
— Helen, Pennsylvania
Great book. April has a great style of writing that keeps you interested in her journey. You will see parts of yourself as she finds solutions to her questions as to which direction she wants her life to go as well as understanding how to manifest more happiness in your own life. Positive encouragement to guide you in your journey to happiness in life.
— Glenda, South Carolina
I absolutely love this book! It is a must have for any princess who wants to manifest a Fairy Tale life! April is a true inspiration, and the reader can feel the passion and drive behind every word in her book.

On some level, everyone will be able to relate to April and “Manifesting Princess”. While it is a fun and entertaining read, this book is also packed full of knowledge and information describing how everything we see and have in our lives is a direct reflection of our thoughts and feelings; we put it there - the mirror doesn’t lie.

This stuff works. Read the personal stories submitted by April’s friends and give it a try in your own life! I recommend this book to anyone who wants to change his or her life for the better. I bought a copy of this book, and I definitely intend to give it as a gift!
— Elizaeth, CA